the eric update – day 353: another iteration of the Big Boy Bed.

one of the reasons we packed a trailor for our trip out east is that odin has become quite fond of his big boy bed and it’s not that easy to move a mattress 1,400 miles ( 2253 kilometers ). but our hard work had paid off because odin is quite happy with his new sleeping accomodations, since he’s grown quite accustomed to being unencumbered by the confines of a crib and crawling on and off his bed to explore his surroundings before eventually ( hopefully ) falling fast asleep.

in his new room one end of his bed is pushed up a dresser that just happens to be the perfect height for a super crawling, climbing infant.

if he gets bored before falling asleep or after waking from a nap, we can often hear him via his baby monitor steadying himself on the dresser and carefully examining whatever he may find.

lately, his beside clock has become an object of great interest since it’s the perfect size for his hands and makes a fun noise as it counts of the passing seconds!

he likes to rest his elbow on the top to help steady himself as he explores the various things he might find on top of the furniture.

it’s amazing how much coordination and control it must takes to stand up and grasp and reach while standing on the smooshy bed and pillows!

i’d like to think that it’ll help him shock his developmental specialist during his next assessment, since it seems likely that he’s probably unintentionally improving his “mild decreased central tone”.

sometimes it’s nice after expending so much effort to explore your surroundings to lay down and rest, happy that you’ve successfully achieved your goal, even if it proves yet again to your parents that expensive toys can’t ever compete with the simple pleasures of playing with an inexpensive alarm clock.

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