the eric update – day 28: the fourth. part four.

eric celebrated his 28th day today! and you know that that means – it’s time for the fourth installment of a continuing series of weekly movies in honor of his progress. ( ‘the fourth. part one.’ ‘the fourth. part two.’ ‘the fourth. part three.’ ).

i didn’t even do any prerelease screening this week, so i can’t really say what the tearability factor is this time around. i think i might have to create a new “goosebump” factor due to the choice of this week’s soundtrack – van morrison’s “sweet thing” for the soundtrack. this week’s soundtrack was left over from the selection provided by matthew moroz and i think it’s simply fantastic ( although admittedly, i’m perhaps a bit biased ).

the video footage was shot this morning and the hand that you see grasping eric’s little fingers belongs to kris.

this week’s movie is a little long at four minutes ( you can’t make the fourth installment of ‘the fourth’ anything but four minutes long, now can you? ), so you might want to make some popcorn before hitting the ‘play’ button.


update: ha! i’ve edited the movie so now you have to go back and watch it all over again! bwaaahahahaha!

it’s too bad i can’t put the dvd quality movies online, since these highly compressed versions really don’t capture all the detail. someday i’ll get around to getting some fancy pants jewelboxing [ unpaid endorsement, but maybe jim will let me use the corporate jet every so often ] cases put together with dvd quality movies for friends and family that are interested.

now, if i could just get apple to sponsor me and send me a shiny, new powerbook, since i can’t burn dvds with my ibook. i mean, i am using imovie, iphoto and quicktime to do something that has clearly touched many people’s lives, so it makes perfect sense, no 🙂

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