the eric update – day 28: eric’s four week birthday!

day 28: new bedding!

maybe i’ll have to stop making “the eric update” if things keep continuing like today. he had the quietest, most serene day he’s had yet today. he’s on 6 hours of the nasal cannula and 2 hours of the CPAP, which means that he’ll probably be off the CPAP soon; his bloody goo is improving and they are suctioning his less often. while he’s alarming at a slightly higher rate than previously ( 10-15 “a’s” and “b’s” a day ), their quality is changing, as they are becoming more “shallow” and he’s beginning to recover from some of them all by himself, so even though the number of alarms are higher, the staff are less concerned about them. and he’s getting more food – 7 cc’s of breastmilk an hour, which leads to the really, really big news; he’s up to 1 pound 13 ounces! i think, barring any downturns, that he’ll hit the 2 pound mark sometime this week, which will be very exciting. it’s staggering to think that he’s gained nearly a half a pound in the last month.

day 28: ho hum.

late in the night, they put him in his new bedding that we received the other day from a stranger and he loves it! his new bedding helps give his that “bundled” feeling which simulates a womb-like environment. the nurses kept commenting on how neat it was that somebody sent us the bedding because micropreems really enjoy it, which makes you wonder why somebody doesn’t mass market the bedding.

day 28: 4 week weigh in.

1 pound, 13 ounces! w00t! in 4 weeks he’s gained 6 ounces.

day 28: contour and mottle

contoured back hair and mottled skin. mottling can be indicative that he’s “sensitized”, which means one should be careful about how much sensory input he recieves ( i.e. talk but don’t touch him or touch but don’t talk ).

day 28: on his stomach.

he’s 4 weeks old. and he likes being on his stomach.

the band-aid on how foot is new. i wonder where that came from.

day 28: alien?

don’t even think that he looks like an alien.

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