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exploring compositional interestingness in the locker room

exploring compositional interestingness in the locker room.

so, there’s a big sign entering the locker room that forbids entering with camera phones, but it doesn’t say anything about SLRs. one presumes the ban on camera phones ( a silly ban which presumably is violated every day ) has to do with their smallness and the fear that folks might not know their pictures are being taken of them in the nude.

certainly nobody is going to be caught unaware of me taking a picture with my big ol’ SLR which i bring along to take pictures during odin’s swimming lessons in the pool and i’m generally not interested in taking pictures of the inside of locker rooms.

and yet, for the better part of two years this image has literally caught my eye because it’s interesting, compositionally. i have the photographer’s “disease” of tending to see scenes “framed”. i cant’ help it and the image sort-of taunts me.

but i’ve never been able to take a picture because there’s always been someone else in the locker room and i haven’t really felt like explaining that i’m really not interested in taking a picture of them. no, see, really i just want a picture of this sign and pillar because i like the way it divides the frame and, hey, the lines and contrasts are pretty cool too.

i know, it would sound pretty crazy. and it probably is crazy. but i’m hopeless and was very excited to finally get just enough time with nobody in the locker room except odin and i to take the shot and get the camera back in the bag just moments before someone walked in

odin just looked at me as i framed the shot as if it was the most normal thing to do. it didn’t even warrant a comment from him.