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235/365. making mossariums.

235/365. making mossariums.

jessamyn west, a long time internet friend, maintains a jessamyn’s mossarium emporium which we think is pretty neat. on a recent trip to maine, we collected some moss and when we returned to wisconsin we thought it’d be fun to make a few mossariums to have around the house to remind us of the trip and the area.

this 4 inch hanging orb is one of several we made. a simple and fun project that’s a great reminder of a time and place. thanks jessamyn for the easy to follow instructions ( and hurray for the independent web )!

day 2416: odin’s first moss terrarium!

thanks to a workshop put on by the fine folks at tulips boutique, odin made his very first moss terrarium today.

while a terrarium is super cool all on it’s own, this one is all the more cooler because he got to make a snail out of glow-in-the-dark clay!

he was laughing because he thought i looked pretty funny when he looked through the glass jar. little did he know…