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everything you think you know about thanksgiving is wrong.

the heart warming fable of thanksgiving, unsurprisingly, ends up being a whole lot more complicated than some of us were taught and answers the nagging question of how squanto spoke perfect english when the pilgrims arrived and what was happening during the 100 year interim between columbus and the pilgrims ( spoiler: it involves human trafficking, enslavement and villages being wiped out ). and if you’re a stickler for tradition, you should put ditch the turkey and cranberry sauce for salted pork and olives since the spanyiards were the first to celebrate thanksgiving 50 years before the pilgrims.

happy bartolome day!

i’ve not been a fan of celebrating columbus day since even if he wasn’t a tenth of the monster he’s been made out to be, christopher columbus should still not be worthy of a national holiday. the oatmeal does a good job of highlighting the monstery bits of the columbus story ( and much of it is truly horrifying ) and if you read all the way to the end they make the case for celebrating instead bartolome day after bartolomé de las casas. henceforth, we shall celebrate bartolome day and tell his story of advocacy of universal human rights.