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it’s raffle drawing time!

it's raffle drawing time!

and so it was finally time for the raffle drawing and, while we sure hoped somebody who bought a ticket for odin would win at least one of the prizes, turns out we didn’t sell any winning tickets.

but remember, everyone who bought one is a winner for helping odin to get a new malamute puppy!

i don’t want to name names because i didn’t ask if everyone was comfortable with being publically thanked, but thanks to all who bought a ticket. you know who you are and your generosity is very, very, very much appreciated.

i’m not exactly sure when we’ll be getting the puppy. i think it might be around june depending on how the breeding goes. i’m sure you’ll hear more about it in the future.

and remember, you’ll have 6 more chances to win a prize in upcoming school fundraising raffles, but i can’t promise we’ll get a new puppy every year 🙂

day 2421: to infinity and beyond!

odin is totally fascinated with space and spaceships and space travel, which is amusing and somewhat perplexing since he watches almost no television or movies, doesn’t talk about such things with friends ( to the best of my knowledge ) and his preferred reading draws heavily on the decidedly non-sci-fi works of thorton burgess and kenneth grahame.

on a recent long trip in the car, instead of drawing – say – a nice picture of one of the wonderful characters in “the wind in the willows” ( which we’ve read innumerable times ), he spent time drawing this rocket blasting through the deep, dark depths of space on some important cosmic mission.

perhaps a manifestation of jung’s collective unconscious? just kidding. sort-of.