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day 2311: odin The Very Ferocious Bear.

this halloween odin wanted to be a Very Ferocious Bear who, apparently, wears rainboots.

kris did a fine job whipping up an intimidating costume for him, although i kept slipping up and telling him how cute he looked and he kept reminding me how ferocious he was.

we started the evening by attending a fun production of the lion, the witch and the wardobe at a local park but i was dressed as tall, dark, creepy, black caped and hooded alien without a face and just a hint of the angel of death costume which did a good job of unnerving adults & children but made taking photos impossible.

i did manage to get a cute photo of odin The Very Ferocious Bear and a Princess friend before donning my mask.

later, odin The Very Ferocious Bear met met up with some buddies and hit the streets to scare the heck of local townsfolk. or, rather, briefly stun them with their overwhelming cuteness so they would hand out just a bit more candy than usual.

the gang meets up with some friends while out and about in Search of Sugar.