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day 2236: wherein i end the day with a big plate of clams.

ed: this is also the day i realized i probably wouldn’t rely on my crappy loaner cell phone’s camera to document the trip.

odin helps pack up after our night in greenfield, massachusetts where we collapsed after 13 hours of driving.

at last, we’re finally on last leg of the trip to maine!

i’m sure the folks in cars around us wondering why we were all very excited to see pushkin gallery as we drove through greenfield, massachusetts. we all miss our pushkin though i doubt the feeling is mutual since he’s staying with a dog sitter who has 3 other dogs!

after 1,700 miles of driving, we finally arrived in machias, maine and the first order of business? a big plate of clams from helen’s restaurant. while we wait, odin enjoys a maine root sarsaparilla root beer.

finally, the clams arrived! mmm mmmm molluscs!

strangely, i still can’t get odin to try the delicious molluscs steamed to perfection.