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day 2378: learning the ancient art of aerogami.

i remember quite fondly building paper airplanes with my grandfather, so it’s neat that odin had taken an interest in the ancient art of folding paper into flying forms. according to wikipedia, the art likely began around 400 BCE and while innumerable children haven enjoyed making gliders over the centuries just for the fun of it, smart folks like leonardo da vinci and the the wright brothers have also made them to study the principles of flight.

i wonder if da vinci ever drew flames on his creations?

i’m taking a hybrid approach with odin. he thinks we’re just having fun building planes but by trying different designs and seeing how differently they perform, i think he might be absorbing some complicated principles of aeronautics.

we’ve just been finding plans by googling “paper airplane designs”, if anyone has any suggestions for books or websites, i’d love to hear them.