day 3040: odin’s jack o’ lanterns!

day 3040: odin's jack o' lanterns! I.

even though i’ve always wondered about how smart it might be for any of us to be poking pumpkins with sharp implements, we’ve been carving jack-o-lanterns for a few years with odin i’m really not sure how it’s not ended in bloodshed and a trip to the emergency room.

two years ago, odin mostly handled the overall artistic design and we did most of the carving. last year, odin still did the design and some of the carving with help from grandma.

this year he did pretty much mostly everything All By Himself!

i think they turned out just great. and not a drop of blood shed!

day 3040: odin's jack o' lanterns! II.

is it just me? do i see just a slight toothy resemblance?

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