a clue left by our Under the Weather hen?

i have no idea if this is related to our Girl who is feeling under the weather, but it is a curious coincidence that the day she got sick one of The Girls laid an egg that looks unlike any other egg we’ve seen from them.

i’m not even sure how you’d describe it. mostly mottled? the shell doesn’t seem otherwise affected. this site seems to indicate mottling means the egg didn’t dry out quickly after laying but i can’t tell from the photograph if that’s actually what happened to the egg we found.

perhaps it’s indicative of some sort of viral infection or nutritional deficiency that’s related to the illness? or just a red herring?

update: informed sources tell me that the mottling is just a coincidence and not related to the illness.

update again: hmmm. more clues? the under the weather hen just laid a egg with a shell so weak it broke with the slightest touch.

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