turn around don’t drown? or scenes after 4″ of rain in 2 hours.

i decided to bail on work after getting 4" of rain in 2 hours just a wee bit concerned that i’d get stranded with no clear route home. i didn’t know it at the time, but the roads were officially "closed" adn nobody had time to put up signs.

they say you really shouldn’t drive over water running over a roadway because it’s always moving faster than you think. it’s hard to tell from this photo but the water was moving at a pretty good clip.

i decided to wait and see if the jetta on the other side made it over.

it did, so i went for it, which – really – is The Wrong Decision.

there was an impressive amount of debris across the road a little further down the way from a stream that turned into a torrent and jumped its banks. even more impressive how quickly crews were cleaning it up. thankful i didn’t try to drive through the deluge any sooner and found myself at that spot when the debris came crashing through.

and doubly happy that i didn’t find myself on this hill when the torrent of water coming down the hillside decided to follow the path of least resistance. phew!

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