the eric update – day 1933: The Great Postcard Coincidence! or it really is a small world after all!

since resuming the postcard project, the postcards have started coming in, and we’ve already received postcards from glacier national park, the the rock and roll hall of fame, luxembourg, switzerland and france!

and the very first card odin received after the postcard project came off hiatus was from the west quoddy head lighthouse in downeast maine, sent by everyone’s favorite rural librarian geek and askmetafilter moderator, jessamyn west ( and here and heck, while you’re at it, check out a recent interview with jessamyn ).

odin particularly enjoys the postcard from west quoddy head because he knows he’s been on an adventure to the eastern most point in the united states and tromped around that very lighthouse when he wasn’t even yet a year old! neat! it’s the sort of thing that makes us want to bust out whistling it’s a small world after all.

keep the postcards coming, i swear i’ll start scanning them in soon 🙂

remember, while we enjoy them all, we really, really enjoy cards that teach odin something about where you live or a special place you visited.

as always, remember to check postcards from budapest post for the most current address.

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