send odin a postcard! or relaunching the postcard project.

i still get requests from folks who remember the postcard project that want to send odin a postcard. so, after a 3 year hiatus, i’m happy to announce that you can, once again, send him a one!

for those new to these parts that have no idea what i’m talking about. very early on in our 96 day stay in the neonatal intensive care unit, i got an email from a woman in budapest who wanted to send odin a postcard as a way to support him and us during our rollercoaster ride. that simple request led to me setting up a post office box that filled with postcards from all over the world ( see the postcard project/google maps mashup ).

so, send him a postcard and tell him about yourself, or something special about where you live, or anything else you find interesting. who knows, maybe he’ll even write you back 🙂

here’s the new address:

odin snowdeal
p.o. box 72
la farge, wi 54639

please remember to visit the original “postcards from budapest” post for the current postcard project address.

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