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the postcard project

08.10.09 update:

finally, after a 3 year hiatus, i'm relaunching the postcard project and you can once again send odin a postcard. always check postcards from budapest for the latest address.


the postcard project started when a kind stranger offered to send odin, who was born 15 weeks early and spent 96 days in intensive care, a postcard from budapest. if you're inspired by odin's adventures, you can still send him a postcard.

initially, i promised that we'd visit every place from which we received a card, but it seems that is turning into a classic travelling salesman problem. given limited time and money, we'd happily accept a sponsorship from national geographic or the discovery channel to visit all the locations :-)

many, many thanks to dawn endico ( and here ) for pointing me to her google maps projects which i shamelessly "borrowed".

you can click the map and move it around to get a view of of parts of the world not shown by default. for some reason the postcard we received from the south pole shows up way off the map, but i believe the longitude and latitude coordinates are correct. if you notice any aggregious long/lat errors please send me an email. oh, and if it's not obvious, you can click on each marker to see an image of the postcard from that location with a link to a larger version.