the eric update – day 1363: odin’s not so successful first trip to the cinema.

it started as the first lazy saturday afternoon without hockey to keep us preoccupied. i read a good review of "horton hears a who and thought, "oh, how fun would it be to take odin to his first movie!"

odin was immediately skeptical when we told him it would be dark, except for the reeeeeaaaaaalllllly big cartoon.

"will it be loud?"

well, yes, it might a little loud we told him, but we’d be there and it would fuuuuuuuunnnn!

we tromped off to the theatre and made our way to our seats as the lights dimmed and the giant television started to play previews. speedracer was tolerable because it had racecars, but we could sense from odin’s body language that it was all a little too much. unfortunately, next up was a preview for "ice age: dawn of the dinosaurs that ended with a surprise dinosaur schreeeching. loudly.

odin trembled, crawled up in his mamma’s lap and asked if we could leave.

we convinced him to try watching a bit of the main feature and if he still wanted to leave then that would be fine. he hesitatingly agreed.

jeez louise, i guess i should have taken the quote, "A bit too much on the frenetic side" a little more seriously from the rotten tomatoes review snippets that i read before heading out. frenetic? that’s an understatement.

we made it through about 20 minutes of frenetic before deciding to it quits right as horton attempts to cross a very rickety, crumbly bridge to thunderous music.

lesson learned? the next time we get bored, we’re going for a walk to the park.

One thought on “the eric update – day 1363: odin’s not so successful first trip to the cinema.”

  1. My first movie experience was “big bird where are you”. Apparently I ended up shaking, rocking, and crying, *under* the seat.

    I still can’t watch that damned movie.

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