the eric update – day 1358: a boy of letters.

odin has been able to identify letters for eons, but he’s recently gone into overdrive questioning us about how to spell words and wanting to practice drawing letters.

today he was practicing his name and the letter "a".

after drawing a giant capital ‘A’, a few ‘O’s’, an upside down ‘d’ ( unsure which side of the circle to put the vertical line so he put it on both sides ) and a ‘i’, he looked up mischievously as if we wouldn’t catch that he didn’t finish with an "n" and said, "look! a Q!"


One thought on “the eric update – day 1358: a boy of letters.”

  1. Very nice. Shoshanna is OBSESSED with writing – tends to write her name as follows:
    SSOOHHAA (it should be noted that the S’s are universally backwards). If the N’s show up, they are also backwards.

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