the eric update – day 484: the awesome adventures of captain broccoli!

being fast asleep by the time the halloween trick or treating begins in earnest doesn’t stop our mild-mannered former (?) micropreemie, from donning his “captain broccoli” costume in an effort to spread the message that green vegetables are yummy and good for for and much better than the usual fair found on all hallow’s eve.

maybe, just maybe, next year everyone will be clamoring for the coolest costume, ever. or more likely, by next year odin will be accusing us of being the meanest parents ever unless we get him a “real” constume, let him stay up late and tromp around the neighborhood filling his bag with candy.

until then, we’ll always remember this halloween as the year that odin was still happy to bound about the house defending the rights of green vegetables everywhere 🙂

i tried to convince him that an improvised version of “the chopping broccoli song might make a perfect theme, but he wasn’t sure it had the gravitas appropriate for his Very Important Mission.

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