the eric update – day 467: twenty two pounds! and approved for rsv shots!

on the eve of odin’s age-adjusted birthday, we thought it might be nice to go to the pediatrician’s office for a weighin to see how he’s doing with his weight gains. as always, we’re not particularly concerned about seeing a specific number, but it’s nice to get a calibration data point every few months to see if there’s been any dramatic change one way or the other.

some might remember that sixty seven days ago odin tipped the scales at just slightly over twenty pounds ( 9.1 kilos ) and we thought that we’d probably start seeing evidence of the plateauing of weight gains that normally occurs around 12 months; but obviously odin still has a few surprises left for us, as he hasn’t slowed down a bit and has kept on gaining at the stupendous rate of about a half ounce a day, which keeps him well above the 50th percentile on very low birth weight growth charts!

i guess we now know why it’s getting more and more difficult to carry him around the house 🙂

and don’t let his frown face fool you. he didn’t actually get any shots today. i guess he just decided that he wasn’t very happy about being put on the scales. but he’ll have lots more opportunities for shots in the coming months because we learned during our visit that he’s been approved for rsv shots for a second season! or rather, insurance has agreed to completely pay for monthly shots of synagis, which will likely cost over $2,000 USD per injection. it’s not uncommon to have to fight a good fight to get reimbursed for a second “rsv season” – all the more so because odin has been so remarkably healthy – so we quite pleased that nobody seemed to feel particularly motivated to object to full reimbursement.

obviously we think this is great news, although he probably won’t be to keen about it, as the bolus of “humanized monoclonal antibodies” is based on weight ;-(

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