the eric update – day 466: media matters.

our complimentary copies of parents magazine finally arrived so we finally got a chance to see the article without needing to run out and interact with hoi polloi at out local big box bookstore 🙂

overall we’re fairly happy with the finished “product” and i don’t regret the decision to let odin’s story reach millions of people who might not have otherwise had a chance to learn about our miracle boy or spent much time thinking about the rollercoaster that any nicu parent must ride.

that said, the timing of the article going to print coincides with a particularly rough couple of weeks on a preemie email discussion group that i frequent that has flooded my inbox with a seemingly endless series of heartwrenching stories from parents who are having to make impossibly difficult decisions – life and death decisions – because their rollercoaster ride is turning out much more differently than our own.

i guess we’re feeling a feeling that’s similar to when we felt guiltish while in the nicu – extremely grateful for how fortunate we’ve been and yet quite sensitive to not wanting to seem as if we’re helping contribute to the popular myths that there’s always a happy ending, or that coming home is even really the end – in many ways its just the beginning – or that technology can save every baby.

but maybe i’m not making much sense 🙂 in anycase we’re happy to see that at the end of the article they mention that november is prematurity awareness month and maybe – just maybe – a few readers of the article will take the next step and contribute to the march of dimes which funds the research that saves lives.

oh, and speaking of media matters – “hallo!” to all the blogging baby readers who haven’t visited in awhile 🙂

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