the eric update – day 459: oy vay!

i’d have to go back and scour the archives of my outboard brain to know for certain, but i’m almost positive that i haven’t had a cold since well before odin’s birth, which means that my nearly two year streak of good fortune has come to an end this week.

what started out seeming like just a case of late season allergies has turned into the mother of all head colds which is draining stupifying amounts of glop into upper respiratory tract.

so i’m all hopped up on nyquil and robitussin ( the kind with the expectorant ) in the hopes that it doesn’t transmogrify itself into bronchitis. or worse. and yes, i do realize that both cold medicines contain dextromethorphan but i swear i’m not using them in a manner inconsistent with their labelling.

of course, i’ve been put in quarantine , since odin has micropreemie lungs already damaged by pneumonia and therefore has an increased chance of having respiratory infections turn to pneumonia which would certainly not be a good thing.

oy vay!

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