the eric update – day 457: you haven’t forgotten how much fun it is to yell into your water glass, have you?

although odin has mastered the fine art of drinking from a sippey cup and a straw, he still enjoys practicing drinking from a big boy cup unencumbered by anything that could prevent him from enjoying the the simple pleasures of gulping and gurgling and occasionally making what sounds suspiciously like a satisfied “ahhhhh” after taking a particularly large swig from the cup.

adding to all the drinking fun – we’ve recently upgraded his big boy cup from its diminutive predecessor and odin has discovered that it’s stupendously entertaining to yell into the cup.

we try to explain to him that unintended dire consequences can result from simultaneously yelling and drinking ( which is what i’m doing when i snapped this picture ), but he just eyes us suspiciously as if we’re just out to ruin his new source of fun for no good reason.

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