the eric update – day 401: off to the Finnish Festival in a Big Boy car seat!

holy wah! it’s already time for the ( almost ) world famous finnish grand festival ( a.k.a. the “finn fest” ) which is a joint joint us/canadian festival to celebrate all things finnish!

this year the festival is being held in lovely marquette in the upper peninsula of michigan which just happens to be relatively near grandma and grandpa salmi.

that’s right! it’s time for yet another road trip!

and since odin is now a weighty twenty pounds we decide to finally try traveling with the car seat facing forward ( for those that haven’t thought about car seats in a long time, if ever, odin graduated from a group 0 to a group 1 seat ) so we can see each other much more easily during the 8 hour trip to the u.p..

of course, we had a chance to try out the biggest benefit of the new car seat position ( especially with a malamute hogging half of the back seat ) – being able to sooth a hungry tummy without stopping the car!

it might not be safest option in the world, but when you’re driving down the highway, miles and miles from any proper rest area, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

i still had my seatbelt on. honest 🙂

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