the eric update – day 400: odin’s slightly belated "one year" pediatric appointment! or, twenty pounds!

alhtough it was delayed by a month because of all the travelling we’ve been doing lately, today was finally odin’s “one year” pediatric check-up. we’re happy to report that he breezed through the exam and his pediatrician couldn’t be happier with progress!

a visit to the doctor means that we had the oppotunity to have Yet Another Weighin and we were pleasantly surprised to see that he had gained nearly five pounds since he last tipped the scales which put him at twenty pounds and one ounce ( 9.1 kilos )!

for those that are keeping track that means “little” odin is now at about the 75th percentile for very low birthweigh (VLBW) infants in age adjusted terms and he’s solidly on the charts when you compare him to “full term” babies, coming in at somewhere near the 10th or 20th percentile depending on what chart you’re looking at.

despite the fact that we still have to explain to strangers why “he’s so small” ( most people that don’t know his “story” try to impress us by guessing that he’s 8 months old ) we couldn’t be more proud of our little chubster and if he’s anything like his pops we’re confident that he’ll keep up with the fantastic weight gains.

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