the eric update – day 387: odin’s new video baby monitor! and digital video recorder!

there’s an old joke amongst software development types that every application eventually evolves to the point where it can be used to send email. but i wonder if it can be proven that every video capture device will eventually be used as an ad hoc baby monitor and general purpose “babyvision” platform.

which, of course, is an elaborate justification as to why i’ve been spending time thinking about how i can recruit my snazzy isight into pulling double duty as a video baby monitor ( sure, our old audio baby monitor is more than adequate, but still ) and digital video recorder.

the isight is a capable camera for video conferencing capturing an image in low-light napping conditions can be a little challenging even with it’s light scavenging f/2.8 lens aperature, but luckily it appears that one can simply use iglasses application to get reasonable night vision capabilities.

and while the isight wasn’t originally designed to be a digital video recorder there are several options available for recording captured video directly to disk in a format ready for imovie editing. snapzprox, ivezeen and btv all look like they have potential, but apparently the open source application ivideo can also meet the challenge for the low, low price of free!

so, who knows, maybe i’ll actually throw in some video in the next installment of “the fourth that has somehow run into outrageous production and shooting delays 🙂

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