the eric update – day 386: odin’s first experience with The Gate.

it had to happen eventually.

odin’s crawling and climbing skills are getting so advanced and his stair master mastery so proficient that sometimes we find that if we want to get this or that accomplished during the day that we have to to have to be reasonbly assured that he’s in a Safe Place if he’s out of our sight for more than a few moments.

so, today we thought we’d give The Gate a try and see what he thought of the contraption.

it turns out, not very much.

have you seen a more lamentful look? he wasn’t so much upset as he was seemingly perplexed about why we’d ever choose to him on one side while we were on the other.

of course, we couldn’t stand it for more than a few minutes and eventually relented and released him from his jail.

sigh. we tried to convince him that it’s not like we were sentencing him to a prolonged stint in a skinner box or that he should be thankful that we’re not subjecting him to the accordion style baby traps like we had when we grew up ( how did we ever survive anyways ), but i guess we might have to wait a few months for his higher reasoning faculties to develop.

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