the eric update – day 379: whooohoo! we got a baby sitter and we’re going to a concert!

hopefully odin won’t take it personally but we’re “going out”! it’s not the first time we’ve gone out since coming home from the nicu but it’s not a common occurrence; i think i can count on one hand, er, maybe even just two fingers the number of times its happened, so it’s still a little new and slightly nerve wracking.

of course, it’s not that we’re concerned about his well-being while being cared for by grammy pam. maybe we’re just really concerned that we’ll find out what a grand time he had when we’re not around.

anyway, we’re going to see ani difranco in a very “intimate” frederik meijer ampitheatre so it should be fun, even it she’s not my super favoritest artist ( not that she’s my least favorite either ) to see live. then again i haven’t seen her show in years, so maybe things have changed.

way back in the day when kris and i were attending the evergreen state college ( go geoducks! ) she’d play every year on the campus; the first year, maybe 1992, she arrived in a vw bus and every after her busses and entire support system kept get bigger and bigger and bigger. until it was unwiedly for campus shows. it’s nice to see her getting back to basics nearly a decade later.

hopefully it’ll be a great concert and we’ll come home and find odin fast asleep and not giving his grandmother a hard time.

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