the eric update – day 378: odin’s first ride in a swing!

it appears that this is the week for belated birthday gifts for odin; i guess everyone was probably waiting for us to arrive back in town. certainly he and we don’t care one wit, but hopefully he doesn’t start to expect new gifts for weeks and weeks to come 🙂

today we even had an impromptu second birthday party with a bunch of his aunts and uncles and cousins and he had fun ripping the wrapping paper of all sortf of fun things including his very first little tikes swing ( and no, it’s apparently not the one that was recalled )!

we weren’t sure if he’d like it or not, but he quickly let us know that is was just about the greatest time ever!

maybe even more fun than than being pulled around by pops in his walker.

i think it’s certain that we’ll be spending a lot more time out underneath the tree in the front yard for the rest of the summer.

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