the eric update – day 349 : the many faces of odin – wonder and determination.

as i was playing with the camera, testing the light as odin was playing with a few toys not really intending to save any of the photos, but as soon as he heard the autofocus motor, he decided to crawl over and climb up the leg of the rocking chair i was sitting in, presumably to get a closer look and i captured this photo of him looking at the flash with quintessential expression of wonder.

you might think that after 349 days the camera would be a boringly familiar object, unable to attract the interest of an infant always on the prowl for newer and more interesting experiences.

but apparently you might be wrong.

moments later, odin decides that he really must get a closer look and tries his best to crawl up onto the rocking chair.

he isn’t quite able to pull himself up on the chair, but it certainly isn’t for a lack of trying.

such determination!

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