the eric update – day 349: odin’s first bean suppah! and a little history.

gigi was nice enough to treat us to an early father’s day meal – a traditional new england bean supper in the basement of what might be the easternmost church in the easternmost town in the united states – lubec, maine.

baked bean suppers are a unique tradition that some say began with the pilgrims while others argue that people began gathering for beans and bread during the revolutionary ar.

whatever the origins, you’re always guaranteed of having a great meal with the nicest group of people you’d ever have the luck to share a meal with.

as you can see, when food was served odin temporarily registered his unhappiness with the fact that we didn’t have a warm bottle ready for him so he could eat with everyone else!

unfortunately, i was so busy eating that this was the only picture that i bothered to take! photographic evidence notwithstanding, odin really did have a great time.

it’s impossible to tell from the photo, but the basement of the church was packed with people! we arrived an hour early and the parking lot was already filled with cars.

it’s always fun to get together with elder family members and their friends because you’re bound to hear a bit of history.

the gentleman on the left in the photo told us that odin is a direct descendent of samuel watts who, in may 1775, played crucial role in capturing the HMS Margaretta in what would come to be known as the naval battle of the american revolution and the act of war by the nascent american merchant marines, which was fought in town harbor.

i’m sure that’s not the last nugget of interesting history that we’ll hear over a plate of beans and brown bread!

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