The eric update – day 342: waiting to get on the road again. and on the road again ( finally )!

Whoohooo! In the span of just a few hours I have four spiffy new
“whitewalls” on the galaxie ( too bad there’s no picture uploading while
we’re sans wifi ) and while that was an unexpected expense, I’m happy to
report that the alternator problem was correctly identified by a local
specialist and cost the staggering amount of exact,y nothing to fix.

It seems that a wire had become corroded and fell off the alternator.
Simply soldering on a connector to the broken wire and attaching it to
the alternator fixed the problem. I guess I’ll count that as a bit of

So, now it’s off to albany. It’s still 90+ degrees F outside, which
makes the unconditioned inside of the galaxy feel sort of like a blast
furnace. All the more so when the engine has to work extra hard to
climb the rolling new york hills.

I’m sure someday I’ll remember this fondly. It would be a lttle more
fun if the heat would let up a little. at least the galaxie is back in
proper running order.

At least for now 🙂

update: pictures at last! click on each picture for a brief description.

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