The eric update – day 341ish: it goes from bad to worse.

Oops. Sorry about not following up on that last update, but we’ve been

First we thought the alternator light was a fluke due to “clean”
diagnosis from sears auto center on the west end of cleveland, but just
to be safe I bought a back up battery. And then we cleverly decided to
push for rochester. And noticed between gas stops that the car was
having a harder and harder time starting. Near buffalo it didn’t seem
like it was going to have another start left so I decided to put in the

Feeling relatively smug after seeing the car return to “normal”, we
headed off hoping to fnally get to out dog friendly hotel by 2 a.m.

And at almost exactly 2:30 a.m. the car blew out the front passenger
tire while on the highway.

only 7 miles from the hotel.

We’re fine. After waiting for a half hour for police who showed up
after an hour to help alert traffic, eventually I got the the tire
replaced with a rather sad looking full size spare and we made to the
hotel almost by the crack of dawn and in time for odin to wake up for
the day.

We’re at a tire place getting new tires and then it’s off to an
alternator place to see what my options are for that situation. I
suspect both problems are probably related to driving too far and too
long in the 92+ heat yesterday.

And then maybe we’ll drive a few miles.

I’m trying to remember that adventures are supposed to be adventurous,
but I could use a little less excitement right about now. Or at least
some breakfast.

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