the eric update – day 339: The Plan. Revised. Again.

ah yes, you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men – they do often go awry!

we tried to stick to the original plan, but who knew it would take 10 times longer than one would expect to pack a 5×8 trailer. in hindsight i suppose it might make sense that it’s harder to figure out how to optimize the stacked boxes in a smaller space than a larger space. and it was over 90 degrees F ( 32 C ) which definately slowed us down.

and we still have a handfull of errands to finish before leaving, so rather than push the limits of reasonability we’ll just leave a day later than planned and head out on friday, june 10th.

odin did his best to help us pack up our stuff by keeping busy between naps. at one point while we were packing his clothes he pulled himself up the side of his hamper – and i’m not making this up – tried to put one of his socks that he found laying on the floor on top of the pile!

if only he was just a little bigger so i could have had his help endlessly rearranging boxes in the trailer 🙂

before the insufferably hot sun went down we did get a passable first pass at an loaded trailer with a proper weight distribution. although the perfectionist in me will probably unpack and repack everything tommorrow.

you might be interested to know that you can’t just go anywhere to get a hitch put on a 1965 automobile because installers will not modify a pre-made hitch to fit the car for liability reasons and there aren’t any stock hitches available that fit the generous proportions of the car. so, on tuesday we went to a local blacksmith, ebling & son, to have a custom hitch installed. they did a fantastic job and were almost giddy to get the chance to work on a car that they hadn’t seen in 30 years or so.

early in the day, after furrowing her brow upon seeing the vintage car, a very young employee at uhaul exclaimed after looking up the towing limits in the computer, “OHMYGAWD! THAT CAR CAN PULL OUR LARGEST TRAILER!”

in retrospect, i probably should have taken her comment as a bit of dramatic foreshadowing and just gone ahead and upgraded to the large trailer.

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