the eric update – day 340: how to send stuff to odin! or an address update, of sorts.

since we’re moving yet again, people naturally want to know what address they can use to send stuff to odin. as always, if you can check the postcards from budapest post for the most current address, you can rest assured that he’ll get whatever you might want to send along. the grand rapids post office box that’s current as of the time of date that i’m writing this post will work for the next couple of months as we’re forwarding the mail to an address in maine of a relative who might not appreciate us putting their home address on the internet 🙂 eventually we’ll probably get a separate post office box in maine, but for now just use the grand rapids p.o. box.

and please know if you’ve sent us a postcard or anything else in the past few months, we’ve received and definately enjoyed it. someday soon i hope to get a chance to get back to scanning the postcards so that everyone can see how many thoughtful people have taken the time to drop a card in the mail. every single one of them is very much appreciated.

every so often we find an extra special gift in the mail; just yesterday when i was cleaning out the box for the last time, i discovered that a friend whom i haven’t seen in years was kind enough to have dropped a copy of “the good dog” in mail. i haven’t heard of it before receiving it, but it looks like a great book about an alaskan malamute, which is certainly a breed that we’re quite fond of.


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