the eric update – day 326: meet odin. the super crawling, climbing edition!

i’m very proud to report that since we last visited the topic of crawling, slightly over a week ago, odin has definately moved out of the gray area of proto-crawling to full-fledged, one hundred percent, almost perfectly coordinated mobility!

on the front lawn today we played a new game where i’d lay down in the grass about 10 feet from where he was sitting and he’d zip on over and pull himself up on to me and look proud upon reaching his ultimate goal.

no, not me – the camera.

hoooraaaay for odin!

if you look close at the large version of the picture you can see his bottom teeth!

and i should note that in case you noticed his new sweater – we just were given this sweater the other day by a sister-in-law who had it finished after it was started for her son, odin’s cousin, by their great-grandmother who passed away before being able to complete her last knitting project.

the sweater laid unfinished for 10 years.

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