the eric update – day 325: happy birthday to me! and the bestest birthday present, EVAH!

yes, sirree. today just happened to be my birthday. amidst the gifts and great food, it’s hard to not think about just how much my life has changed in ways that i could not possibly have imagined a year ago. that’s life, i suppose – learning how to make the most of the unexpected curve balls that it loves to throw at you.

of course, odin is oblivious that he’s celebrating my thirty third birthday, and it would appear that his pudgy baby belly is far more interesting to him than my rapidly advancing age!

he’s getting very attuned to his body and lately has quite a fun time pushing and pulling and tugging at whatever might be at hand 🙂

i’m not making this up – he did surprise us by giving me the bestest birthday present a father could ask for.

today he said, “dada” for the very first time ( much to mamma’s chagrin )!

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