the eric update – day 313: mister intentionality.

each day we get to see more and more obviously intentional behaviors from odin and more than a few of them are quite endearing.

what does sleeping on the floor have to do with intentionality? well, it makes sense when you realize that he’s rolled, scooted and almost crawled off his big boy bed to a spot that’s nearly 5 feet away from his original sleeping spot. it’s a familiar scenario – a short while after putting him down for sleep we’ll hear him grunting and groaning while struggling to get to whatever particular spot he’s chosen to sleep. initially, we’d make the mistake of putting him back on the bed, but have quickly learned that we were just making it more difficult for him to get to his choice spot and delaying his falling fast asleep.

today mister intentionality apparently really wanted to take a morning nap on top of a clean bag of laundry next to his hamper. when he woke up, instead of asking us to come and pick him up, he played with the hamper for awhile, which makes me wonder if that was his plan all along.

and when he’s not roaming around his bedroom, finding newer and more interesting places to sleep that aren’t on his big boy bed, odin often likes to impress us with how much he’d like to play with his toys all by himself. it’s certainly not that he doesn’t like us to hang out with him, but we’re also getting better at figuring out when he’d like to spend some time investigating his toy box without mamma or pops pestering him. he enjoys pulling each toy out and carefully inspecting it, before moving on the next one.

now if we could just teach him how to put them back in the box.

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