the eric update – day 312: yogurt! yum!

since our early study of solids, odin has been slowly, if a bit begrudgingly, trying out new foods. and while he may humor us by accepting a spoonful or two of carrots or oatmeal, other than bananas we haven’t been very successful in stumbling upon a foodstuff that he enjoys without a nontrivial amount of cajoling.

that is, until we tried yogurt.

much to our surprise, after a spoonful of the good stuff, he clamors for more and can’t get enough of it!

different than the recommendation for the introduction cow’s milk which isn’t encouranged before 12 months, the american academy of pediatrics suggests that you can try yogurt as early as eight months ( well, actually, various sites claim that the aap doesn’t actually recommend yogurt until 9-12 months – maybe someone more knowledgeable than i will clear up the discrepancy ), so we thought we’d be in the clear considering he’s ten months actual, but just shy of that recommendation in age adjusted terms.

you’ll notice that we happened to only have stonyfield lowfat, organic yogurt on hand which isn’t a perfect option since fat is important for developing baby brains. but we think he’ll be just fine for now since he’s only getting a small amount.

stonyfield also has a special line formulated for infants and toddlers which we’ll probably try that unless someone has a better suggestion.

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