the eric update – day 292: moving on.

things are quickly winding down at this sold house and it’s nearly impossible to fathom all the changes that have occured since we moved into the house almost exactly a year ago as an experiment, of sorts, that we euphamistically called snowdeal show ®. as all the memories run together, it’s hard not to collapse them into the feeling that the house has served perfectly as a physical manifestation of the demarcation of before and after.

but so it seems in our lives that the only constant is change and today we ( well mostly kris, as i watched odin and the dogs ) helped diane, gina, ruby and evelyn move out and into their new home.

perhaps odin is a little surprised to find out that his aunties and cousins really won’t be quite so near anymore.

and what of us? we’ll be moving on at the end of next week. i’ll divulge that we’ll be staying with family in grand rapids for the month of may so that odin has plenty of time to recover from surgery and see his doctor’s for what we hope are his last couple of follow-up appointments. after that, assuming we get a clean bill of health for odin, we plan on doing some travelling.

i’m sure there will be many more tales of odin’s adventures yet to be told.

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