the eric update – day 293: what to do when it snows in spring?

sigh. after a few weeks of enjoying unseasonably warm weather, we’re faced with the prospect the return of unseasonably chilly weather, complete with winter storm warnings and the threat of snow accumulation. ack! hope still springs eternal.

so, while we were stuck indoors with The Recoverer, it seemed as good a time as any to test out his previously neglected capri stroller. while the jogging stroller serves it’s appointed purpose, it’s a bit of tank and not particularly easy to cart around for quick trips here and there, hence the need for a lighter weight stroller. but in our previous testing, odin has been too small to be safely restrained in the five point harness. but no more! instead of flopping around and slipping between the straps, not-so-little odin enjoyed popping wheelies with pops back-and-forth around the house.

i guess these are the things you do when it snows in spring.

and yes, it’s official. odin’s favoritest solid food seems to be bananas delivered via his mesh feeder. in fact, he seems to like it so much that he prefers it over all other solids.

i never realized just how far and wide one can smear bananas when one is excited about popping wheelies with pops.

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