the eric update – day 260: ( not so ) deep thoughts about ( not ) eating solids.

while we briefly abandoned attempts to feed odin eggs ever since The Incident, we occasionally check to see if he’s interested in solid food by mixing up a bit of earth’s best organic rice cereal to see if he shows a renewed interest in eating solids.

and while previously, he might humor us by taking in a bit of rice and spitting it back out, lately he’s taken to actively thwarting our attempts by blocking the spoon and doing his best to squirm his way out the situation ( hence the splotch of cereal on his forehead ).

so, since he seemed at least vaguely interested in solid food before the The Incident can we assume that he now associates solid food with vomiting for hours on end? or maybe infants just go through phases where sometimes they’re interested and sometimes they’re not? odin’s cousin wheeler, who is exactly the same adjusted age as odin couldn’t be more different in this regard. i suspect she’d eat a plate full of any solid food you put in front of her.

i guess like all things, there’s probably a continuum of behaviors related to interest in solids and the chance that he has an eating disorder is fairly small ( i’m mostly joking ).

joking aside, this is one of those seemingly minor points that can haunt micropreemie parents, as it’s not uncommon for infants born very early to develop eating “problems” which can lead to dimished weight gains.

not that we’re terribly concerned about it at this point, but bonus points will be awarded for comments about your own experiences regarding your infants interest in solid food, especially if you’re a parent of a micropreemie.

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