the eric update – day 255: tummy time with crumpled paper.

given the recommendation that we should be trying to get odin to work on his upper body strength to help reverse the effects of his “mild decreased central tone”, we tried a few new games today ( and we’re always thankful for suggestions for new strategies for making tummy time less work and more fun ).

we heard that crumpled paper can be quite handy for such purposes, so we thought we’d give that a try. and it worked wonders for a few minutes. until he started to flash us this look, which seems impossible to not interpret as implying, “look. the novelty of you repeatedly folding and unfolding paper wore off about 30 seconds ago, so hopefully you’ve got something more interesting in your back of tricks that’s going to help me forget that the weight of my very chunky cheeks is making it difficult for me to hold my head up up high.”

later in the day the crumpled paper no longer held any power to persuade odin that tummy time was anything more than an annoyance between feeding and sleeping.

this photo would be a lot more amusing if you could hear us empatically attempting to convince him that crumpled paper was really, really, really fun while he looked at us as if we’d really lost our minds.

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