the eric update – day 256: La-Z-Boy.

i didn’t pick up the camera for most of the day and before i knew it, at the early hour of 6 p.m., odin began displaying all the sleepy time signs that indicate that it’s nearing the time to start The Four Bees, STAT!

our almost no cry sleep solution is continuing to work its wonders and he’s not only sleeping regularly over 5 hours at a stretch, but he’s also getting sleepy earlier and earlier in the day.

maybe there’s something to the conventional wisdom that sleep begets sleep after all.

i must admit that even though our experience had convinced us that it’s never a good idea to delay The Four Bees, it’s still hard to fight the temptation to delay the process for the sake of convenience ( i.e. finish dinner or whatever ) or – relatedly – to think that it’s better to make him stay awake on the thought that he’ll get really super duper tired and sleep like a log through the night. at least with odin, both fallacies inevitably lead to a No Sleep Solution.

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