the eric update – day 213: learning the diatonic scale. incorrectly.

we received this fisher price xylophone/piano toy that’s shaped like an alligator as a christmas gift from my sister. and while we’re very grateful for any and all gifts that have been given, as someone who is somewhat musically inclined i can’t help but be slightly irritated by the fact that the toy is missing a note from the diatonic scale! well, it’s actually missing two, depending on how you’re counting.

i mean, how on earth are you supposed to teach your child the DO-RE-MI song from the sound of music when you’re missing “TI”?

oh, the humanity.

one wonders why certain decisions were made during product development? why couldn’t they make the alligator an inch longer to accomodate another note? or perhaps simply make each xylophone board slightly thinner to accomodate all 7 notes?

i’m writing a letter to fisher price! this is simply atrocious.

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