the eric update – day 212: discovering the gloworm!

a while back odin received a new gloworm in the mail from an “internet friend” and i’m horribly embarrased to admit that at the moment i can’t remember who sent it. sigh.

in any case, every so often we take out the gloworm and see if it catches odin’s eye.

until today he probably would have had more fun with a bag of wet marbles. but for some reason, known only to him, this afternoon he decided that the new gloworm was utterly captivating.

before this picture was taken he was breaking into laughter each time the toy’s face lit up, but by the time i arrived with the camera he was in a more introspective mood.

very recently odin has begun investigating the world with his hands. while he’s been “grasping” at things for some time, it’s only been in the past few days ( perhaps a week ) that he’s started to really explore the nuances of surfaces, such as new gloworm’s face.

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