the eric update – day 145: a visit from a flickr friend! and auntie deb and uncle matt.

since little odin’s birth we’ve had the opportunity to virtually “meet” many, many people either through postcards or emails or comments on the web site, but today we had the opportunity to meet a real, live person who found us via flickr early on and has been following along ever since.

we were very happy that andy wicks wrote us an email to tell us that he just happened to be in the area during the holidays and asked if we’d like to meet for lunch.

we had a great time at rose’s restaurant ( i had the yellow fin tuna sandwich ) and andy might be able to vouch for the fact that we’re not too wierd and can usually conduct ourselves in a socially acceptable manner while in public. so if you’re ever in the area, feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to show you around town or have lunch or whatever.

thanks again to andy for contacting us ( and for paying for lunch! ) and you might be sorry that offered to show us around minneapolis when we’re in town 🙂

uncle matt and auntie deb also visited later in the day and had fun spending time with odin. auntie deb’s business, gurutoyou is in the process of being acquired and they surprised us with news that they’ll be taking a sabbatical in fiji for a couple of months before moving to los angeles. so, while it’s great news for them, we’re a little sad that this is one of the last times that they’ll get to play with odin for awhile.

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