the eric update – day 7: eric’s first movie!

o.k. i’m an imovie novice, but i thought you all might enjoy a sneak peak of a much longer version of movie that i’m working on.

update: i posted this late last night and forgot to warn everyone that i pulled a ‘spielberg’ and can rightly be accused of blatant pulling on the heartstrings. keeps a tissue handy 🙂

the video clip at the end is tiny piece of what the wonderful nicu nurses have shot.

update: many people are asking, and i can’t believe i forgot to properly attribute the music clip on the movie. it’s track 1 on lullaby: a windham hill collection. the vocal track is not properly credited on the amazon link, but it’s quite clearly carly simon’s voice. kris had picked up the cd a couple of weeks before the birth and had been playing it at night to help her sleep, so eric heard the song dozens of times in the womb. and while i might not necessarily subscribe the theories that puport to prove that music therapy in the womb will make your baby “smarter” ( kris respectfully disagrees with me on this point ), it’s well known that babies can “hear” in the womb at 20 weeks and can differentially respond to sounds that they’ve heard in the womb after delivery.

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