the eric update – day 20: the fourth. part three.

well i guess i’ve got to continue the tradition of releasing a new movie on the day before his weekly “birthday”. tommorrow eric will be three weeks old, so that means it’s time for ‘the fourth. part three.’ ( ‘the fourth. part one.’ ‘the fourth. part two.’ ). i’m not sure how many more of these movies i’ll continue to make, but i suppose if it’s called ‘the fourth’ you need to have at least four parts.

i can’t stress enough that you should not click on that link without some thought about what the people around you will think if you start crying. once again, prerelease screening indicates that the ‘tearability’ factor has been cranked up to 11, mostly due to the choice of devendra banhart’s “the body breaks” for the soundtrack. i had a difficult time selecting a soundtrack this week, so i recruited the help of matthew “i don’t post much to my blog but i’m a great friend anyhow” moroz. i just gave him minimal direction as to what i was looking for and i think he came through spectacularly.

a few prerelease screeners have been taken aback at the bittersweet tone that’s struck in this week’s segment, despite all the great progress that eric has been making. it’s intentional.

i wanted to give people the slightest of glimpses of what it’s like to sit around the nicu – if you’ve ever had to do it, i think you’ll know where i’m coming from.

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