hey, where have you been (or selling your house without a realtor)? part II.

we had a realtor and his partner stop by today on behalf of a client who was out of town. they live in the neighborhood and after they booked the appointment we realized that we had all met each other several times in the past through mutual aquaintances. they own 20 properties around town and have seen just about everything on the market so it was a great opportunity to get some honest feedback on our pricing. they thought it was priced very conservatively and would move fast. in fact, they knew of some recent fsbo sales in our immediate vicinity that we didn’t know about when we were coming up the pricing and it looks like we might be pricing it very conservatively. hi. ho.

the buyers
from yesterday came by again today and once again it was tough to tell how interested they were. i gave their realtor a really quick tour and they left without many questions and saying that they were on their way to another walkthrough.

3 hours later their realtor called back and said they’d all like to meet tommorrow evening to “construct” an offer. typically a buyer will just submit an offer through their agent and ask that the seller get back to them in a predefined amount of time, so i’m not sure what to make the request for us all to get together. i’ve been upfront that we’re not going to move much on the price if we have to pay their realtor’s commission, so it’ll be fun to see what they come up with. it’s hard to read the tea leaves on this one. i guess all questions will be answered tommorrow.

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